Surprises You’ll Encounter When Dating Older Women

dating older womenDating older women is becoming a fast-growing trend as young men become eager to date this untapped resource. Many television shows and movies portray this attraction as a completely sexual desire, but that is not the case. Though an older woman can offer some new experiences in the bedroom, choosing the right woman to date is much more than that.


Older women have already had many experiences in their life of the things they do not want. Women of a certain age know that the only way to get what you want is to be unafraid to ask for it. Men who date older women find older women are more assertive when making life choices in their relationships and career. If you are lucky enough that an older woman wants to date you, she is more likely to commit and talk things out to keep the relationship healthy. Since an older woman has experience with many types of relationships, she may have a different approach to solving problems that you previously did not consider.


A confident older woman is unafraid to be passionate when she is in love. This age group normally includes women with a larger number of sexual experiences under her belt, meaning she knows what works and what does not work in the bedroom. Since an older woman is often experienced in her knowledge of her own body, it is easier to achieve climax and to articulate the way she wants something. The energy of a younger man combined with the experience of an older woman is a sought-after trait. However, there is more to an older woman’s appeal than just sex.


An older woman has no time to play games like their younger counterparts. With society leaning more towards dating apps and texting, an older woman appreciates the value of a conversation face-to-face. An older woman takes pride in her looks, but she knows what looks good and what does not without having to post on social media to find an answer. A man who dates and marries an older woman sets himself up for a more prosperous and joyful relationship.

Learning Experience

An older woman is a wealth of knowledge and makes her informed decisions apart from family unlike younger women who often still rely on their parents’ help. Younger men have the energy and adventurous attitude that so many women crave, making this pairing a beneficial relationship to each. Though the mature relationship of an older woman is not for all men, it is definitely a surprise to see how many differences there really are if you are ready.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Get Along With Your Mother

girlfriend and motherEvery man who has brought his new love interest home has had to deal with blending his girlfriend and mother. Mothers are very protective over their sons, doing their best to prevent you from heartache and pain. On the other hand, a new girlfriend knows you in a completely different light, which may encourage you to shy away from the opinion of your mother. This can be the cause of major conflict, but there are a few tricks to help avoid negative encounters.

Preparing Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend appreciates and loves you, it will be just as important to her to make a good first impression. Explain to her beforehand any family issues or drama to avoid a major faux pas. If it is a formal occasion, bringing a gift is old-fashioned and always welcomed. Choosing a personal gift with her shows your parents that she pays attention to you, and it shows that your family is important enough to discuss with her. Let your girlfriend know if she has anything in common with your mother to help form a new bond comfortably. Most importantly, let her know any house rules so she does not violate important etiquette while in your former home.

Preparing Your Mother

While it may be a little easier to prepare your girlfriend, you must also speak with your mother about bringing a new girl home. Your mother will be much more relaxed with a new person in the home, if she knows a little more about your girlfriend. Much like with your girlfriend, you should let your mother know any sensitive topics that could trigger hurtful or negative emotions. If the meeting is due to be over dinner in your family’s home, discuss any food allergies or preferences your girlfriend has so there are not any hazards or uncomfortable moments during the meal.

Respect Is the Key

Remember to think of your girlfriend’s perspective in this dinner. If you have met your girlfriend’s parents, you know the first meeting can be uncomfortable. Try to draw on your own experiences to empathize with her anxiety and make her more comfortable. When possible, praise your girlfriend in front of your mother to show she knows you are in her corner, while your family sees that she is a good fit for you as well. The best thing you can do during this interaction is to stick by her side, keeping her from an uncomfortable moment and maintaining a good impression of your relationship.

Is It Legal To Buy Sildenafil Online In The UK?

sildenafilWith erectile dysfunction affecting men worldwide, some individuals prefer to maintain their privacy and buy Sildenafil online rather than at a local pharmacy. Many pharmacies and stores carry the proper licensing needed to satisfy a prescription for Sildenafil locally. However, to fill a prescription online for Sildenafil lawfully, you must first understand the two statutes that regulate its sale in the UK.

Laws in the UK for Prescription Medications

The two laws that govern the distribution of Sildenafil are the Misuse of Drugs Act and the Medicines Act. The Misuse of Drugs Act prohibits the non-medical use of controlled drugs, including ED medications that require a prescription such as Sildenafil and Viagra. This law also prohibits possession, production, and supplying controlled drugs without proper accreditation. In short, the law prevents drug trafficking between countries and counterfeit versions of Sildenafil from selling.

The Medicines Act controls manufacturing and supplying medicine. Prescription medications such as Sildenafil are the most restricted and monitored. The act  states that a pharmacist may only fill a prescription when a physician prescribes the medication. This law is aimed at those who distribute medication rather than the public. The law was enacted to prevent pharmacies and shops from releasing drugs to individuals recklessly.

Finding a Legal Pharmacy

To be considered a legal pharmacy, the store or pharmacy requires appropriate licensing to distribute any type of prescription medication. All legitimate pharmacies, both online and locally, must hold current registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) for authorized import or export of Sildenafil and other controlled substances. The GPhC only registers pharmacies within the UK, meaning all prescribed orders of Sildenafil must be filled but they can be  shipped anywhere in the EU.

Acquiring Legal Sildenafil

According to the latest UK legislation enacted in June 2015 regarding Sildenafil, a prescription for regulated medication is only approved by NHS doctors in certain circumstances. In most instances, the medication will not be approved for recreational use or simply to improve a man’s sex drive or virility – at least not by a NHS doctor.  They are restricted to subscribing in situations where the patient has a condition conditions such as diabetes or prostate cancer that warrants a prescription. However, private doctors who  work with online pharmacies will issue a prescription for men  who suffer from erectile dysfunction based on their say-so, even if they do not have any of these other illnesses.  So long as the medication is not contraindicated because the patient is taking nitrates for example.  Sildenafil is also known as Viagra, of course,  Sildenafil is the medical name of the active ingredient in Viagra.  In the UK, men have the option of buying the original brand Viagra, which is manufactured by Pfizer, and Sildenafil, which is the generic equivalent.  Both work the same and in the UK and both are legal.  The difference is going to be the price.  You only need to put buy viagra online into your favorite search engine to see what a smorgasbord of results you get, including some sites that are downright illegal and dangerous.  But as you sift through them, even when you narrow it down to the legal pharmacies and their affiliates, the price variations are incredible.   The cheapest viagra we found was at this site which handily allows you to compare all the well-known ED drug prices on one page. This site is affiliated with a licensed UK pharmacy and it sells Sildenafil or generic viagra at one GBP per pill, including shipping and the doctors consultation. Considering this is genuine legal sildenafil, this is seriously cheap viagra. Bear in mind that Sildenafil at the top of the list of seized counterfeit and unlicensed medicines in the UK, protect your health and only order from verified online pharmacies like this one.

At this time, the General Pharmaceutical Council has only given official authorization to UK pharmacies to sell Sildenafil and other prescription drugs. Any unlawful methods of obtaining Sildenafil put you at risk for imprisonment for violating the UK’s strict drug trafficking laws.

Why High Blood Pressure Can Make Sex Unsatisfying

Millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Referred to as the “silent killer,” hypertension overworks the heart and other essential organs, causing the arteries to harden over time. Men and women with this condition have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In addition, high blood pressure could make a major impact on the individual’s sex life.

How Hypertension Affects Sexual Organs

Since hypertension changes the texture of the arteries, this condition effects blood flow throughout the body. Blockages occur and affect the movement of blood through the veins in the pelvis. For women, hypertension causes uncomfortable vaginal dryness. For men suffering from poor blood flow and circulation due to hypertension, achieving and maintaining an erection is difficult. This is so common that men who report erectile dysfunction to their doctors often receive testing for high blood pressure first.

Satisfaction and Libido

Though it is still safe to experience sexual activity with high blood pressure, the lack of energy makes it more difficult to “get in the mood” at all. The poor blood flow makes it difficult for a man to ejaculate and orgasm, causing both embarrassment and diminished libido due to his lack of ability to perform.

Women with high blood pressure also have difficulties achieving orgasm or maintaining the proper lubrication, which can cause sex to be painful and dissatisfying. Some women have no sexual desire at all and do not have the motivation to participate in sexual intercourse.

Preventing High Blood Pressure

You can do many things to prevent high blood pressure and keep your sex life satisfying. Maintaining a healthy diet with limited salt prevents fatty deposits from building up in the veins, helping to maintain healthy circulation. Combining a change in diet with regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, eliminating obesity as a potential cause. Individuals who drink alcohol and/or regularly smoke should eliminate those toxins for a more energetic and healthy body. . A hypertension diagnosis does not mean the end of your sex life; it is a sign that it is time to make changes in your life for a happy and healthy you.

Sexual dysfunction could also be an indicator of related cardiovascular conditions. If you adjust your lifestyle and still have difficulty with sexual arousal and performance, medications and other treatments are available through consultation with your doctor.

Fitness Tips For Men Who Don’t Have Time To Work Out

men's fitnessFor both men and women, it always seems like there is never enough time in the day to get a good workout in. Even when that time does finally open up, you then are in a position where you just do not have the motivation to do it anyhow. So what can you do to remedy this situation and maintain a fit and healthy body even if you do not have time to work out?

Let’s take a look at a few men’s fitness tips to help you out:

Schedule Short Workout Sessions When You Wake Up

Consistency is the key to any successful diet or fitness plan. One of the best ways that you can create time to work out is by waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than usual and get in the habit of going through a quick routine before you get in the shower. While it may not seem like much, even 10-15 minutes a day can have dramatic impacts on the way you both look and feel over time.

Walk Over Lunch

One of the biggest reasons that men say they do not have enough time to work out is because of working. Well, walking over your lunch break for even 5-10 minutes is always a possibility. This will even give you a clearer mind for the rest of the day.

Take the Stairs

You have probably heard this one plenty of times. But there is a reason for that; it works. Doing any type of incline exercise is always a tremendous workout, even if it is only for a couple of floors.

Shower at the Gym

If you are worried that you will not have time to get to work if you go to the gym, shower at the gym and go straight to work from there. There are probably dozens of gyms in your area that have a locker room and shower that you can use.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, you have to have some type of motivation to work out if you are looking to improve your health. There are ways, some of which have been outlined in this short article, where you can make time for yourself to get a quick workout in. If there is one thing that you should remember about men’s fitness, however, it is that consistency is the key to everything that you do. Create a habit and stick to it. You will not regret it.

Online Dating Options Other Than Tinder

online datingOnline dating has become quite the phenomenon over the past decade. The increase in online dating based apps and companies has, in many people’s eyes, significantly changed how many relationships are created today. One of the most popular dating apps out there is Tinder.

If you do not happen to be a fan of what Tinder offers, you should be aware that there are many other options out there. Here is a quick look at four other dating options other than Tinder that may work for what you are looking for:


Bumble is an intriguing dating app because it seems to go against the perception of how dating is supposed to work. While it is similar to Tinder in the way that two people are matched together, it forces the woman to be the first one to approach the man. This makes for an interesting concept that has proven to work well so far. is one of the older online dating options available. It allows you to search for other people in your area and do all of the typical things associated with messaging, liking their photos, and set up a comprehensive profile. One of the downfalls of this option is that many of the more vital features are designated for users that pay for the premium plan.


OkCupid is another older dating option for online users and has an extremely large base of users. It has most of the basic tools that does, although the free option is enough to message and chat with other users that you may be interested in. The mobile apps for OkCupid are also up there with Tinder as far as quality and ease-of-use.


Hinge is an interesting dating app because it was created for the purpose of connecting people that share mutual friends on Facebook. The goal of the app is to cut out the ‘creep factor’ and danger that can come with other apps where it is very difficult to decipher whether or not someone is real.

The Final Word

While Tinder has certainly planted itself atop the online dating industry, especially among millennials, this short list shows that there are other options out there. With the fact that most of these options can be started for free, there is really no risk in giving them a try to see which one works best for you

Do Men Really Make More Than Women?

pay inequityThe debate on pay inequity has continued for decades, starting before women even had the right to vote. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson also voice their opinions about the topic in spite of the fact that their salaries amount to millions of dollars. It is time to take a clear look at the information and see if men do make more money than women do.

Contributing Factors

The first factor in the salary a woman makes is her career choice and education. College majors that lead to the most highly competitive and lucrative careers include engineering, science, and architecture. These majors are predominantly made up of male students instead of females. Though women have many opportunities in collegiate education, their decisions tend to include majors in teaching and the arts, which are less profitable.

Another factor is the age at which pay increases seem to stop. Many individuals and feminist groups claim that, after age 30, a woman’s likelihood of receiving additional pay or promotions tapers off. While the statistics indicate that this claim is true, it is important to look deeper and see why. Women who choose to work often start to settle down to have children at this age, giving them less time to devote to a career. Some women stop working completely to stay at home with their children.

The Impact on Pay

With women choosing less prosperous career paths, it encourages the statistic that men earn more. Women typically choose careers that are less physically demanding and focus more on intellect and self-expression. Even though women often continue working after children are born, this choice forces women to focus less on outside work than their unmarried male coworkers do, eliminating the opportunity for overtime, bonuses, and a higher salary. Women do not lack work ethic; however, women have more responsibilities in their lives than in their career fields.

Who Makes More?

As an overall average, women make less than men make by about 5 cents an hour, but this is not because of their gender. Even in a position of equal power and authority, the amount of experience that each party presents is particular to their choices in life, making it impossible to distinguish whether the difference is their gender or what they put on their resume. The ability to make more money is up to each woman when choosing a creative job with lower pay or a more demanding job with a higher salary.