Is It Legal To Buy Sildenafil Online In The UK?

sildenafilWith erectile dysfunction affecting men worldwide, some individuals prefer to maintain their privacy and buy Sildenafil online rather than at a local pharmacy. Many pharmacies and stores carry the proper licensing needed to satisfy a prescription for Sildenafil locally. However, to fill a prescription online for Sildenafil lawfully, you must first understand the two statutes that regulate its sale in the UK.

Laws in the UK for Prescription Medications

The two laws that govern the distribution of Sildenafil are the Misuse of Drugs Act and the Medicines Act. The Misuse of Drugs Act prohibits the non-medical use of controlled drugs, including ED medications that require a prescription such as Sildenafil and Viagra. This law also prohibits possession, production, and supplying controlled drugs without proper accreditation. In short, the law prevents drug trafficking between countries and counterfeit versions of Sildenafil from selling.

The Medicines Act controls manufacturing and supplying medicine. Prescription medications such as Sildenafil are the most restricted and monitored. The act  states that a pharmacist may only fill a prescription when a physician prescribes the medication. This law is aimed at those who distribute medication rather than the public. The law was enacted to prevent pharmacies and shops from releasing drugs to individuals recklessly.

Finding a Legal Pharmacy

To be considered a legal pharmacy, the store or pharmacy requires appropriate licensing to distribute any type of prescription medication. All legitimate pharmacies, both online and locally, must hold current registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) for authorized import or export of Sildenafil and other controlled substances. The GPhC only registers pharmacies within the UK, meaning all prescribed orders of Sildenafil must be filled but they can be  shipped anywhere in the EU.

Acquiring Legal Sildenafil

According to the latest UK legislation enacted in June 2015 regarding Sildenafil, a prescription for regulated medication is only approved by NHS doctors in certain circumstances. In most instances, the medication will not be approved for recreational use or simply to improve a man’s sex drive or virility – at least not by a NHS doctor.  They are restricted to subscribing in situations where the patient has a condition conditions such as diabetes or prostate cancer that warrants a prescription. However, private doctors who  work with online pharmacies will issue a prescription for men  who suffer from erectile dysfunction based on their say-so, even if they do not have any of these other illnesses.  So long as the medication is not contraindicated because the patient is taking nitrates for example.  Sildenafil is also known as Viagra, of course,  Sildenafil is the medical name of the active ingredient in Viagra.  In the UK, men have the option of buying the original brand Viagra, which is manufactured by Pfizer, and Sildenafil, which is the generic equivalent.  Both work the same and in the UK and both are legal.  The difference is going to be the price.  You only need to put buy viagra online into your favorite search engine to see what a smorgasbord of results you get, including some sites that are downright illegal and dangerous.  But as you sift through them, even when you narrow it down to the legal pharmacies and their affiliates, the price variations are incredible.   The cheapest viagra we found was at this site which handily allows you to compare all the well-known ED drug prices on one page. This site is affiliated with a licensed UK pharmacy and it sells Sildenafil or generic viagra at one GBP per pill, including shipping and the doctors consultation. Considering this is genuine legal sildenafil, this is seriously cheap viagra. Bear in mind that Sildenafil at the top of the list of seized counterfeit and unlicensed medicines in the UK, protect your health and only order from verified online pharmacies like this one.

At this time, the General Pharmaceutical Council has only given official authorization to UK pharmacies to sell Sildenafil and other prescription drugs. Any unlawful methods of obtaining Sildenafil put you at risk for imprisonment for violating the UK’s strict drug trafficking laws.